succulent obsessed.

Hand-made, growing gifts have to be one of my favorites. In the city I have never had a 'real' garden... I SO look forward to the day I do! In the meantime cuttings that I can steal from my parents garden on the commune and then plant in pots are the next best thing. Here are some photos of the process – from garden cuttings to potting. These two pots of succulents (above) I gave as a gift to my birthday-mate Erene and her husband Chris who are working on their SOMA rooftop garden in the heart of San Francisco.

Pulling succulents from the garden is really easy... you can't mess up! Just go to the base of the succulent floret and gently tug, pulling out some dirt and roots as shown here.

Here is the pile of cutting (should be called pullings! ) on my dining room table... my dad painted the cactus painting in the background... we are a succulent obsessed family!
FYI: I loved looking at them so much they lived here on the table for over a week... succulents will do just fine laying out like this for a month or so before they need to be potted or stuck in the ground.

Next I pull off the dead leaves and clean them up a bit before putting them in the pots.

I bought some pots + some potting soil + we are ready to go!
Just fill pots with soil about 3/4 or so full (leaving it fluffy) and start arranging the succulents in them. After you have added + arranged all the succulents you can add a bit more soil to the top and pack it down a bit.

When they are arranged the way I want them, I water them really well. As a general rule of thumb succulents like to be watered throughly and then left alone, allowing the soil to dry completely between waterings.

I added in some pansies for a bit of color... and voila! Beautiful growing presents for friends!